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VegaFina Nicaragua Robusto

VegaFina Nicaragua Robusto

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VegaFina Nicaragua Robusto

This VegaFina Nicaragua Robusto may be short in stature, but it certainly is big in flavour. An exquisite Habana 2000 wrapper covers the finest aged tobaccos grown in Nicaragua’s lush, fertile soil. The result is a tasty vitola, packaged in a box of 25, brimming with rich-tasting notes of dark coffee, cocoa and earth complemented with a subtle spicy core.


As mentioned the VegaFina Nicaragua Robusto puro. The cigar itself does not originate from Nicaragua as it is made at Tabacalera de Garcia in the Dominican Republic. This is not the first cigar to do this. Most notably, the Davidoff Nicaragua is a Nicaraguan puro out of the Dominican Republic.

VegaFina Nicaragua Robusto Appearance


The Habana 2000 wrapper of the VegaFina Nicaragua Robusto has a medium brown colour with almost an orange tint to it. The wrapper itself is generally smooth. It has a slight coating of oil on it. There are minimally visible wrapper seams. Most of the visible veins are quite thin.


There are two bands on the VegaFina Nicaragua. The primary band features a grey, brown silver and white colour scheme. On the centre of the band is a VegaFina logo. This features “VF” in silver font. The “VF” sits on a dark brown circular background. A silver wreath surrounds the “VF”.


There is also silver striping toward the outer part of the circle. The rest of the band features a thick brown stripe with a thinner grey stripe above and below it. On the left side of the band is the text “VEGA FINA” in grey font. On the right side of the band is the text “HECHO A MANO” in grey font. The thick brown stripe features smaller “VF”s outlined in grey in wallpaper fashion.

There is a secondary band that is orange in colour. It has black and silver striping across the top and bottom. On the centre of the band is the text “Nicaragua” in black cursive font.


VegaFina Nicaragua Robusto Flavour Profile


The start to the VegaFina Nicaragua Robusto provides some notes of black pepper. the spice is pretty much a solo flavour. As the pepper subsid, some of the flavours that are present on the pre-light draw surfaced – namely earth and mixed fruit. The earth notes become primary while the fruit and pepper notes became secondary.


The pepper notes transition to a red pepper note on the tongue but remains black pepper on the retro-hale. This creates a nice multi-dimensional effect of the spice without being overpowering.


For most of the first two thirds, the earth notes to be a constant in the forefront. The fruit and pepper note swaps in and out as a primary flavour. This provides a nice variance of sweetness and spice throughout the smoking experience.


Toward the final third, the VegaFina Nicaragua has primary notes of earth and spice. The fruit notes are more subtle. This is the way the flavour profile came to a close. The end of the cigar is flavorful with no harshness. The resulting nub is cool in temperature, but soft to the touch.

VegaFina Nicaragua Robusto Burn and Draw


From a burn perspective, this is to be the best burn from a cosmetic standpoint. The path of the burnt remains relatively straight, but there was some jaggedness along the burn line. this wrapper blisters easily, so touch up this cigar with a little more TLC. The resulting ash is a silvery grey. The burn rate and burn temperature are ideals.

The draw was solid. It was not too loose, nor was it too tight. This made for a low maintenance cigar to puff on.

VegaFina Nicaragua Robusto Strength and Body


the VegaFina brand leans more toward mild to medium profiles – and this is exactly the VegaFina Nicaragua Robusto. From both a strength and body profile, this to be mild to medium for both attributes. Both attributes increase slightly in intensity and by the last third, the strength and body to be medium. Overall the VegaFina Nicaragua balances its strength and body nicely with neither attribute overshadowing the other.

Final Thoughts about VegaFina Nicaragua Robusto


This was a very interesting cigar. From the Nicaraguan puro end, this cigar very much had classic Nicaraguan puro notes in terms of the earth and pepper notes deliveries. What really stands out is how there is some Nicaraguan spice, but for the most part, it is subtle and not overwhelming.


This is a great cigar to introduce to a novice enthusiast looking for something with good flavour, decent complexity, but not “too much cigar”.Overall this is a cigar is Great. You can buy this VegaFina Nicaragua Robusto at Stogies & More.

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VegaFina Nicaragua Robusto


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