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CAO Colombia Bogota

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CAO holds a strong reputation for its broad international catalog spanning all corners of the world; CAO Colombia is one of the countries on that list. Featuring rare filler tobacco hailing from a mountainous region in Colombia, the CAO Colombia Bogota is a medium-bodied large gauge corona grande that also utilizes a Cameroon binder and is wrapped expertly in a Honduran Jamastran leaf that glistens almost as much as the Colombian inspired color scheme adorning its vibrant band. Nutty and earthy, with a sweet and salty finish, the CAO Colombia Bogota is truly one of a kind.

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CAO Colombia Bogota

CAO Colombia Bogota is Utilizing ultra-rare Cuban-seed tobaccos from the mountainous Colombian coastline for this CAO Colombia Cigar. This premium handmade from CAO tastes like no other. Colombia has a long history of tobacco production, and big names have used this leaf to add a bit of exotic and distinctive flavour to a blend. Consisting of Brazilian Mata Fina and Colombian Ica Mazinga long-fillers, this flawlessly constructed blend is topped with a Cameroon binder and Jamastran Rosado wrapper. Medium-bodied with a hearty flavour profile of cedar, earth, and pepper, CAO Colombia is destined for greatness.


CAO Colombia Bogota Appearance

The Jamastran wrapper of the CAO Colombia Bogota has a caramel colour that shade darker than most Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrappers. There is some oil on the surface of this wrapper, this is an overly oily wrapper. There are some visible wrapper veins and some visible wrapper seams.


The CAO Colombia band contains the red, yellow, and blue colours that make up the Colombian flag, The classic styled CAO logo is in metallic gold font on a blue, red, and white diamond. The diamond sits on a yellow background and is surrounded by red sunburst rays. There are two additional sunbursts to the left and right. The lower part of the band is blue with gold striping overlaying it. The text “COLOMBIA” in metallic gold font sits on a blue background. The upper and lower trim of the band has a metallic gold font.

CAO Colombia Bogota Flavour Profile

The start to the CAO Colombia delivers some notes of white pepper, wood, and natural tobacco. On one of the samples, the white pepper kicked off the smoking experience of the CAO Colombia is more of a pepper blast. The white pepper on the retro-hale varied in intensity throughout the smoking experience. Meanwhile, there is a lemon note that was very much present in the background.


As the CAO Colombia burned through the first half, the lemon notes join the natural tobacco as a primary flavour. There is quite a bit of sweetness in these early stages. The white pepper moved into the background and join by grain and herbal notes. Meanwhile, the woody notes from early on have dissipated. As for the retro-hale, it took on more of a herbal spice quality.


In the second half, the grain and herbal notes move into the forefront. Each of these two notes alternated in intensity. The sweetness now dials back as the lemon and natural tobacco is now secondary. The white pepper is still present, but a little more distant.


The last third of the CAO Colombia is very similar except the pepper at times is present in the forefront. The pepper also at times has a sharpness to it. This is the way the flavour profile is as it comes to a close. The resulting nub is cool in temperature and firm to the touch.


CAO Colombia Bogota Burn

The burn to the CAO Colombia perfumes well. The burn line has a slight curvature to it, but for the most part, the burn line remains on a straight path throughout the smoking experience. This is the type of burn that could blister easily so some TLC is needed when touching up. The resulting ash is a silvery grey with some darker streaks. Overall this is ash remains quite firm throughout the smoking experience.


CAO Colombia Bogota Draw

The draw is outstanding. It is not too loose and it is not too tight. This is a very easy cigar to derive the flavours from while puffing.


Strength and Body

Colombian tobacco has a reputation for being on the milder side, and milder strength smoke. Surprisingly, the CAO Colombia has just enough strength to qualify as a medium strength smoke. the CAO Colombia to be a medium-bodied smoke for the first two thirds. In the last third, the flavours weigh a little more heavy on the pallet and actually move into the medium to full range. In terms of strength versus body, the body has the edge throughout the smoking experience.


Final Thoughts about CAO Colombia Bogota

Overall the CAO Colombia delivers a very nice smoking experience. this to be a cigar that exhibited no signs of youngness and is ready to smoke right away. This is not a “cookie-cutter” smoke flavour wise as this cigar delivers some unique flavours – namely the lemon, herbal, and grain notes. These flavours workes nicely together. This is a cigar that would recommend to either a novice or experienced cigar enthusiast. You can buy this CAO Colombia Bogota at Stogies & More.

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CAO Colombia Bogota


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