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La Flor De Cano Eligidos

La Flor De Cano Eligidos

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    La Flor De Cano Eligidos


    La Flor de Cano Elegidos (50 ring gauge x 127 mm length) is the vitola with the heaviest ring gauge to introduce the brand’s portfolio. This is the ideal Habano for those who enjoy medium-strength Habanos made with short filler. All La Flor de Cano Habanos are made with leaves coming from Vuelta Abajo * (D.O.P)* and Semi Vuelta zones, in the Pinar del Río* region (P.A.O) and it is well known for its strength and being produced “ Totalmente a Mano tripa corta ”, “Totally handmade with short filler” technique.


    The “Totalmente a Mano tripa corta”- “Totally handmade with short filler”, is also recognized as another Habano making technique within the regulatory council for the Protected Appellation of Origin (P.A.O)


    For making the blend for short filler Habanos, the torcedor- cigar roller combines with other selected chopped tobaccos leaves and rolls the filler into full-length binder leaves with the aid of a flexible mat fixed to his bench to form a firm bunch. The wrapper is applied by hand in a normal fashion.


    La Flor de Cano Elegidos, specially conceived for those who desire a balanced and aromatic, and medium flavor Habano, makes it the ideal partner for a short smoking time.

    or 2020 Habanos presented a new vitola from the “La Flor de Cano” brand: the Elegidos. By the way, the self-confident name means “The Chosen One”. It has a specially created format called “Lirios.” It is 127 mm long and has a standard Robusto ring gauge of 50.


    The mixture of Elegidos is medium-strong and offers the brand-typical balance between taste and aroma. The La Flor de Cano Elegidos are sold in unpainted wooden boxes of 10 pieces. They are made as an entirely hand-made short filler – total mente a mano, tripa corta.

    La Flor De Cano Eligidos Appearance


    The Ecuadorian wrapper of the La Flor De Cano Eligidos has a light to medium brown color. Depending on how the light shin on it, there is a varying degree of rosado mixed in. The surface of the wrapper has a light coating of oil on it. There are some thin visible veins and thin visible wrapper seams. Overall this is to be a wrapper that is on the smoother side.


    La Flor De Cano Eligidos is now using a similar banding design to what being was used on the Villiger 1888 and the Villiger San’Doro series. The upper part of the band has a black background surrounded by silver and red trim. The center portion of the band has a semi-circle shape to it. Sitting on that semicircle is the Villiger coat of arms – and just below that is the text “VILLIGER” in silver font.


    As for the box design, it incorporates elements from the old Cuban brand, the original Villiger release, as well as some additional modern elements.

    Preparation for the La Flor De Cano Eligidos Cigar


    As use a straight cut to remove the cap of the La Flor De Cano Eligidos. Once the cap is removed, the pre-light draw. The dry draw delivers a mix of wood, cherry, and cream notes. While it is somewhat a simple flavor profile on the pre-light draw, It is quite enjoyable. At this point, ready to light up the La Flor De Cano Eligidos and see what the smoking phase would have in store.


    La Flor De Cano Eligidos Flavor Profile


    At the start of the La Flor De Cano Eligidos delivers a mix of cream, wood, coffee bean, and cherry notes. Early on the cream and coffee bean notes become the primary flavors while the wood and cherry settled in the background. Some black pepper would subsequently emerge in the background as well.


    Some black pepper would subsequently ermine in the background as well. Meanwhile, the retro-hale delivers a subtle layer of cedar and some additional black pepper.


    Throughout the first third, the cream notes remain primary. The coffee bean notes vary in intensity, but mostly remained grounded in the forefront. There are a few times the cherry sweetness surfaces in the forefront. Meanwhile, the wood and black pepper notes remain secondary.


    By the second third or La Flor De Cano Eligidos, the coffee bean notes took control as the primary flavor. During this stage, the cream diminish in the background joining the cherry and black pepper notes. The wood notes morphe into more of a classic cedar sweet-spice. These cedar notes increase in intensity and just past the midway point, they join the coffee bean in the background.


    The last third of the cigar experience saw the coffee bean and cedar notes remain in control. The cream and cherry are now greatly diminished. There is an increase in black pepper, but this doesn’t quite reach the forefront. This is the way the La Flor De Cano Eligidos remain until the end. The cigar finishes up with a nub that is cool in temperature, but somewhat on the softer side.


    La Flor De Cano Eligidos Burn and Draw


    The La Flor De Cano Eligidos is a well-constructed cigar and this reflects nicely on the burn and draw. This is a cigar that for the most part maintained a straight burn path and had a sharp burn line. The resulting ash is skewed toward the firmer side. It is mostly white in color. The burn rate and burn temperature were both ideals.


    The draw to the La Flor De Cano Eligidos is in a sweet spot. It is not too loose, nor is it too tight. For a 7-inch cigar, this to be a low-maintenance cigar to puff on and derive flavor from.


    La Flor De Cano Eligidos Strength and Body


    Overall this is a cigar that starts out on the lower end of the medium for both the strength and body. There is a slight increase in intensity with both attributes, but in the end, this cigar stays in the medium range. In terms of strength and body, the strength and body balance each other nicely with neither attribute overshadowing the other.


    Final Thoughts about La Flor De Cano Eligidos


    The flavors of this new incarnation mesh quite well and they seemed to fit this cigar’s medium strength, medium-bodied profile nicely. all three sizes perform quite well, however, the Churchill size seemed to really shine with this blend.


    This is a cigar that can be enjoyed any time of the day by either the novice or experienced cigar enthusiast. this is a cigar that would e Recommended – and it’s worthy of a box split. You can buy this La Flor De Cano Eligidos from stogies and more

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    La Flor de Cano Elegidos


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