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Trinidad Short

Trinidad Short

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    Trinidad Short


    Trinidad Short, like the Cohiba Shorts, is the ideal choice for the smoker of mainstream cigarettes who wish to “upgrade” without a significant leap in cost or for the premium cigar smoker who would like to enjoy the unique taste of the classic smooth and creamy Trinidad cigars aromas during their now much briefer alfresco smoking breaks. The Shorts have the length of a Mini with the width of a Puritos.


    Like all the Cuban Shorts, Puritos, Clubs, and the Minis, they use 100% Cuban tobacco and are machine rolled in Cuba. The leaves used are taken from the same plants which are harvested for the world-famous premium handmade Havana cigars Vuelta Abajo region, an area located west of the island, which is widely regarded as the finest tobacco-growing land in the world.


    Each short is cellophane wrapped for freshness and protection and pre-cut. Each Short is dressed with the stylish eye-catching Trinidad cigar Band.


    An exciting new release from one of the most exclusive brands of Cuban cigars – perfect for when time is short, but you want a real hit of deliciously rich but delicate flavors. 100% Cuban tobacco, this small cigar is blended to replicate the classic smooth and creamy Trinidad aromas.


    Machine-made in Cuba using leaves from iconic Vuelta Abajo region. Each Short is cellophane wrapped for freshness and protection, pre-cut, and dressed with the stylish, eye-catching Trinidad cigar band. You can buy this Trinidad Short 2017 at Stogies & More.


    Trinidad Short Appearance


    The Dominican wrapper of the Trinidad Short has a medium brown color to it. Upon closer examination, some darker mottling can be seen on the wrapper. This is definitely a wrapper that is on the thicker side. While there is a light coating of oil on the wrapper, the wrapper also has a sandy texture to it when held in the hand. On the surface of the wrapper, there are some visible veins as well as some visible wrapper seams.


    The Trinidad Short has two gold-colored bands. The primary band is highlighted by the Trinidad “T’ logo in black font. To the left and right there are several gold Trinidad “T” logos sitting on a black background. On the far right is the text “Est Ranchuelo Cuba 1905” (the location and year the brand was founded in Cuba) in a small black cursive font arranged in landscape mode.


    The secondary band surrounds the footer of the cigar. It is gold in color with black trim. On the center of the band is the text “SANTIAGO” in large black font.


    Preparation for the Trinidad Short Cigar


    Prior to lighting up the Trinidad Short, a straight cut to remove the cap. Once the cap is removed, the pre-light draw. The cold draw delivers a mix of cedar and natural tobacco. There also is a slight graham cracker sweetness. Overall the pre-light draw of this cigar delivers a satisfactory pre-light experience. At this point, the footer band lit up my Trinidad Short and awaited what the smoking experience would have in store.


    Trinidad Short Flavour


    The Trinidad Short starts out with a healthy dose of natural tobacco flavor. What stands out is that the natural tobacco notes have both sweet and savory components to them. Meanwhile, there are complementary notes of cedar, mixed black, and red pepper, and earth in the background. The retro-hale delivers an additional layer of red pepper.


    Throughout the first half, the natural tobacco flavor varies in terms of whether the sweet and/or savory qualities are more prominent. As the Trinidad Short moves into the second third, the natural tobacco begins to shed some of its savory qualities. Simultaneously, the earth notes start to make their way into the forefront. Meanwhile, the cedar and pepper notes remain secondary.


    As the Trinidad Short moves into the second half, there is an increase in both the cedar and pepper notes. The cedar notes increase at a much faster rate than the pepper notes. The earth and natural tobacco notes remain primary, but now the natural tobacco has shed some of the sweetness it had early on.


    The last third of the Trinidad Short still sees the earth and natural tobacco at the forefront. This is balanced out by notes of cedar and pepper. This is the way the smoking experience of the Trinidad Short comes to a close. The resulting nub is firm to the touch and cools in temperature.


    Trinidad Short Burn and Draw


    The Trinidad Short has no problems maintaining a straight burn path. For the most part, the burn line is on the straight side as well. The resulting ash is firm with a light gray color to it. Meanwhile, the burn rate and burn temperature are both ideal.


    The draw to the Trinidad Short is ideal. It has a touch of resistance to it – which is something the positive. At the same time, this cigar is low maintenance to derive flavor from and deliver a nice volume of smoke production.

    Strength and Body


    In terms of strength and body, the Trinidad Short is on the upper end of the medium. For the most part, much variance in the intensity levels of both attributes. The strength and body balance each other nicely with neither attaining dominance.


    Final Thoughts about Trinidad Short


    The Trinidad Short uses the tagline “A Dominican Cigar with a Cuban Soul”. While some of the packaging has somewhat of a Cuban influence, You will love the first third when this cigar delivers its savory qualities. As the cigar experience progresses, You will find “the wow factor” in the end, it is still a very good cigar.


    For a relaunch of the Trinidad brand, it does seem like Trinidad Short has fallen under the radar, so it’s a cigar would recommend checking out. This is a cigar would recommend to either the novice or experienced cigar enthusiast. You can buy this Trinidad Short at Stogies & More.


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    Trinidad Short


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