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Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto

Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto

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Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto

Experience the Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto with its harmonized flavours of leather, cream, spice, and dark coffee from tobaccos derived from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Mexico, coupled with the oily, silky wrapper from Ecuador, achieves a perfect balance of complexity and strength.


The slightly sweet notes of cedar in the Davidoff Winston Churchill – «The Original Series» pairs exceptionally well with a whiskey such as Glenmorangie or Macallan Amber.


Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto Appearance


The Ecuadorian wrapper of the Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto has a dark caramel colour to it. There is a slight amount of oil on the surface. There are some visible veins and visible wrapper seams, but overall this wrapper had a smooth surface.


There are two bands on the Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto. The primary band is the same found on the core Davidoff Winston Churchill line. The band is white with a gold-coloured font on it. Prominently displayed on the centre of the band is a silhouette profile of Winston Churchill. Below the silhouette is the Davidoff script logo. A dotted oval surrounds the silhouette and Davidoff logo. On the left side of the band is the text “WINSTON CHURCHILL.” On the right side is the text “GENEVE.” The band also has gold trim around it.

Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto Flavour


the cigar is lit, the Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto continue with the profile of barnyard, earth, hay, and cocoa. This is quickly joined by subtle fruit sweetness and black pepper notes. As the cigar move through the first third, the earth notes emerge as the primary note with the other notes playing a secondary role. The retro has delivered another light layer of black pepper with some cedar notes mixed in.


As the Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto move into the second third, the barnyard notes transitioned to a classic natural tobacco note. The natural tobacco notes join the earth notes in the forefront. The hay, fruit, and black pepper notes remain in the background and the cocoa notes dissipated. Later in the second third, there is a slight increase in the black pepper notes.


The final third didn’t see many changes. The earth and natural tobacco notes remain at the forefront. The hay, fruit, and black pepper rounded to the flavour profile. The increase in the black pepper tail off during this third. As the Davidoff Winston Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto come to a close, the cigar has a nub slightly soft to the touch and cools in temperature.


Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto Burn


The Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto does require some touch-ups along the way to maintain a straight burn line and a straight burn path. However, the frequency of these touch-ups is not above the norm and made for what I still consider to be a low maintenance burn. This is ash with a silvery grey colour. As for the burn rate and burn temperature, both has ideal levels.


Strength and Body of Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto

In terms of strength and body, the Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto is not going to be a cigar that is on the bold cigar. This is a cigar that starts out mild to medium in strength and body. There is a slight increase in the intensity of the attributes along the way, but in the end, the Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto stays in the mild to medium range from start to finish.


Final Thoughts about Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto


the Davidoff brand has delivered excellent cigars on the mild to medium side. it’s one would recommend to any cigar enthusiast. Winston Churchill Cigars by Davidoff are intended for the refined palate, and you’ll be glad to revisit these often, so grab a few for your humidor and a few more for friends! You can buy this Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto at Stogies & More.

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Davidoff Winston Churchill Robusto


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