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Canaima Gin

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    Canaima Gin

    Method and production

    A total of 19 varieties of aromas are used, 10 from Amazonia, 1 from the Lara region where the distillery is located, and 8 traditional gin notes. This results in a blend of 65% of Amazonian origin. The 19 varieties of aromas are given a special treatment to improve the extraction.


    Before the distillation, the total liquid is treated separately in extra neutral grain alcohol between two and seven days. Distillation is done in small portions of 500 liters, giving their team greater control and precision in every detail involved in this process.

    Canaima Gin Taste notes

    Amazonia: Seje, copoazú, acai, merey, túpiro, uva de palma, ponsigué, semeruco and juniper, grapefruit, orange, passion fruit.


    When you taste Canaïma Gin, you are first greeted by fresh citrus, which comes from orange peel and grape, as well as herbal notes that emerge from cool. Fruity and bitter notes come from merely complemented by aromatic and mineral notes from copoazú, uva de Palma, túpiro, and acai.

    Canaima Gin History

    Canaïma Gin is produced at DUSA’s distillery at the foot of the Andes Mountains. The place is called La Miel in the state of Lara, Venezuela. A wide range of spirits is produced here, including the internationally recognized brand Diplomático.


    In the manufacture of Canaïma, 19 different plants and fruits are used, which are separately distilled in a copper kettle. The only 500 liters in each batch are to ensure that the quantities and handling of the ingredients in the manufacturing process are completely accurate.


    The alcohol strength is 47% by volume, which provides a perfect balance and highlights the unique taste in the best way. As many as 10 of the 19 plants used to make Canaïma come from the Amazon. Other plants are those traditionally used in gin production, including juniper, coriander, and orange peel.


    Because they want to avoid affecting the organic flora and the natural plant cycle in the Amazon, they have great respect for when the harvest should take place. Many of the plants used are hand-picked by locals, who for generations have gained unique knowledge about when and how each plant or fruit is best to harvest.


    DUSA works closely with Tierra Viva, a Venezuelan organization that strives for sustainable development while striving to help local people to a good life involving jobs and entrepreneurship. 10 percent of Canaïma’s revenue goes back to the organization and helps protect the deeply rooted cultural heritage in this part of the world.

    • Type: Gin
    • Country: Venezuela
    • Bottle size: 70 cl.
    • Alcohol content: 47%


    Try it out with one of our great Cuban or New World Cigars. A good idea would be the CAO Orellana, made from wild tobacco plants harvested in the rainforest.

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