Diplomático Distillery Collection Nº2 Barbet
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Diplomático Distillery Collection Nº2 Barbet

Diplomático Distillery Collection Nº2 Barbet

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    How is the Diplomático Distillery Collection Nº2 Barbet produced?
    The cane molasses comes from Diplomátto’s very own sugar cane strain, Caña Diplomática, which is then fermented. Next, the fermented molasses is distilled into a Barbet column distillation, which gives the rum a light, pungent and fruity feel. The rum then matures on casks of American white oak, where it reaches its optimal ripening after 4 years in Venezuela’s ideal climatic conditions.

    What does Diplomático Nº2 Barbet taste like?
    The column distillation gives the rum a strong fruity profile and combines aromas of mango and passion fruit with notes of caramel and oak. On the palate it feels smooth and a little dry, but with a delicate taste of wood and fresh citrus notes.

    How should Diplomático Nº2 Barbet be enjoyed?
    Like the rest of diplomáticos Distillery Collection, Nº2 should be enjoyed cleanly at around 20 degrees. A fun and interesting way to enjoy diplomáticos Distillery Collection is to taste all three flavors of the series together, to taste the marked difference that the three different distilling methods have on both taste, scent and the overall experience of the rum.

    What awards has the Diplomático Distillery Collection Nº2 Barbet won?
    Diplomático Nº2 Barbet has won several awards and medals at major international competitions. These include the Ultimate Spirits Challenge and Tastings.com.

    Enjoy it with a great Cuban or New World Cigar!

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