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Diplomático Mantuano

Diplomático Mantuano

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    Diplomático Mantuano

    How is Diplomático Mantuano produced?

    Diplomático Mantuano is produced on the distillery’s own sugar cane strain, Caña Diplomática, which gives the rum a twist that is not experienced in other rums. The rum is a blend of rum from three different distilling methods. 40% comes from Pot Stills, 20% from Batch Kettle, and the last 40% from Column Stills, creating a great balance between the heavy, complex, and light. The rum is also stored in oak barrels previously used for storing bourbon or malt whisky in the optimal climatic conditions offered by Venezuela. After the maturation phase, the rum is blended by Blend Master Tito Cordero, which was voted the world’s best blender in 2018.


    If you want to know more about Diplomático and explore their impressive range, you can click here for a deeper knowledge of the traditional distillery in Venezuela.


    What does Mantuano taste like?

    The dark-golden rum smells lovely of dried fruits, oak with a delicate spicy twist. The taste is complex and well balanced with notes of dried fruits, wood, and vanilla. The taste is rounded off to a slightly dry touch. Mantuano is both a great place to start if you are new to the world of rum, but at the same time can easily welcome a well-known rum lover up to dance.


    How should Diplomático Mantuano be enjoyed?

    The rum can easily be drunk “neat” but is great for mixing in drinks such as Rum Mule, Tiki cocktails, and punches that can be shared. Look here for more inspiration for recipes using Diplomatico Mantuano.


    What awards, awards, and medals has Mantuano won?

    Mantuano has won many awards for its unique and complex taste since it launched in 2017. These are gold medals and top marks from major international competitions such as Tastings.com, San Francisco World Spirits Challenge, Ultimate Spirits Challenge, Berlin International Spirits Competition, and many more.


    Enjoy it with a great Cuban or New World Cigar!

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