Diplomático Single Vintage 2005
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Diplomático Single Vintage 2005

Diplomático Single Vintage 2005

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    Diplomaático Single Vintage 2005


    Diplomático Single Vintage 2005 Method and production


    Diplomático Single Vintage 2005 is made from a selection of special rum reserves, all of which develop in an unusual way. Their unique character, therefore, arouses the interest of Diplomatico’s Master blender, Maestros Roneros. The flour is distilled in old copper Pot Stills, in the year indicated on the bottle. The Diplomático Single Vintage 2005 rum is aged in bourbon and single malt whisky casks for twelve years. After the maturation process, Maestros Roneros carefully mixes the rum, to achieve the structure, body, personality, shine, and aromas that he is looking for. Finally, the rum spends a year on Spanish sherry casks to give the perfect finish.


    The tasting notes vary from year to year, most often between sweetness and dryness. The taste profile for 2005 has a very charming nose, which reveals notes of smoked coffee beans, chocolate, and tobacco, followed by vanilla and ripe fruits. On the palate, Diplomático Single Vintage 2005  is soft and well rounded, with flavors of bitter chocolate and a medium finish, with hints of red fruits. Although the composition resembles their second vintage vintages, 2005 is a little less dry.


    Diplomático Single Vintage 2005 History

    Diplomático’s history began in 1959, in Venezuela. At the time, Licorerías owned the Unidas S.A (LUSA) distillation business and the majority shareholder was Seagram’s International, one of the world’s largest wine and spirits distributors.


    In 2002 LUSA was put up for sale, including the distillery and the brand Diplomático. LUSA was put up for sale exclusively on the South American market. A group of Venezuelan entrepreneurs, most of them with extensive experience in the spirits industry, we’re convinced that the company had potential.


    They, therefore, decided to take the chance and made an offer to acquire LUSA. That same year, LUSA became 100% Venezuelan, privately owned, and adopted its current name: Destilerías Unidas S. A. (DUSA).
    In 2011, Master Blender, Mr. Tito Cordero gained great acclaim when he was voted the world’s best Master Blender, as the first Venezuelan ever.


    Diplomatico has won over 54 medals at international competitions, such as sip awards, San Francisco World Spirits, Miami Rum XP, Monde Selection, etc. The flagship of Diplomatico is their Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, which is a blend entirely of rum distillates from pot distillates and then aged up to 12 years.


    Reserva Exclusiva is a magnificent specimen of everything diplomatic has to offer; characteristic round sweetness, fruity notes, and high intensity in the taste profile. Enjoy it with a great Cuban or New World Cigar!

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