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El Dorado Guyana 15y

El Dorado Guyana 15y

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    El Dorado Guyana 15y


    El Dorado Guyana 15y, the name conjures images of the mythical city of gold ruled by El Rey Dorado, The Golden King. A legend of a South American tribal chieftain, who would be completely covered in gold dust as part of an ancient ritual. The chieftain would travel with a decorated raft to the middle of a gigantic lake and offer a sacrifice of gold to the god-monster they believed lived in the lake. With this ritual, the chieftain was recognized as king.


    El Dorado Special Reserve 15-Year-Old Rum is packaged in a box embossed with gold lettering and decorated with pictures of Brigs sailing on the great Demerara River. The bottle itself is an attractive green glass bottle reminiscent of the hand-blown flasks used in the navy centuries ago.


    The label features the same Brigs on the great Demerara River as seen on the box. The bottle also has a plastic seal with gold coloring that glistens in the light like the real thing.


    This Guyanan rum certainly raises a lot of expectations as it has won multiple gold awards and is the only rum to have received the coveted Wray and Nephew Trophy


    El Dorado Guyana 15y APPEARANCE


    The first thing about this Demerara rum is the spectacular dark copper color with a golden hue, previously hidden by the green glass of the bottle. Next is the vicious appearance of the rum in the glass after the compulsory swirl. The thick nectar forms a line on the sides of the glass, steadily making its way downwards.


    El Dorado Guyana 15y is blended from rums that are distilled in the Enmore and Diamond Coffey stills, the Port Mourant double wooden pot still, and the Versailles single wooden pot still.


    It is then aged in charred oak casks that formerly housed bourbon. The Enmore and Diamond Coffey stills tend to produce rums that are medium-bodied and very fruity, while the Port Mourant double and Versailles single wooden pot stills produce very heavy-bodied rums that are very rich and aromatic.


    As a result of the masterful blending of these disparate rum styles, the El Dorado Guyana 15y that is finally produced is very much like a dry, fruity rum and a sweet, complex, heavy rum that has been well married.

    ABV: 40%

    Sugar Added: 31 g/L


    El Dorado Guyana 15y In The Bottle:


    Beautiful squat bottle, made of smoky glass. The whole presentation is about as rummy as it comes. This is the kind of bottle that looks great in my collection and would not look out of place resting on a shelf on the “Queen Anne’s Revenge”.


    El Dorado Guyana 15y In The Glass:


    Deep and coppery, with orange highlights; not unlike a slightly aged penny. Olivine meniscus is indicative of a well-aged rum.


    El Dorado Guyana 15y Scent


    Super much pot still in the nose! It smells an incredible amount of Bristol Classic’s Port Morant editions. Barrel with a touch of citrus, brown sugar, and tobacco. Mr. Emint, Member of the Commission.


    El Dorado Guyana 15y Nose:


    The immediate impression of spearmint, followed by rich caramel, almond nougat, overripe banana, banana peel. Twining around these aromas are the deep and somewhat bitter-sweet molasses notes of Demerara sugar.


    There is also a smokiness that reminds me of a wisp of toasted orange peel or burnt orange oils. The nose has an intriguingly humid quality to it; as if the air above the rum has been rendered damp and jungle-y.


    El Dorado Guyana 15y Taste:


    Sweet and tangy on the tongue, like a warm slice of raisin brown bread. a mouthful of succulent, fresh raisins and rich molasses. There is also a ribbon of cinnamon, winding its way through. Joining the raisin brown bread is the nectarine, plum, a touch of pear, and tart marmalade.


    Lots of ripe orchard fruits bathed in dark brown sugar notes: tangy-sweet Muscovado and toffee-like Demerara sugar, that has been melted down and made syrupy. This also describes the mouthfeel: syrupy, but never unpleasantly so. There is also an earthy coffee bean, a creamy vanilla bean note, and a deep cocoa note that complements the sweet quite nicely.


    The oak aging has really added a nice bitter oak and smoky counterbalance to the luscious sweet notes that characterize this rum. No burn, but rather a nice soft tingling sensation on the tongue, to let you know you’re drinking rum


    Very fine molasses with a note of vanilla and maybe a little licorice. It is filled with character but is perfectly rounded with lots of sweetness. The balance is unique and the aftertaste is excellent. But it’s up! It’s super cool.


    El Dorado Guyana 15y Rating


    A dark welcoming rum from Guyana. El Dorado Special Reserve 15 years of rum, is El Dorado’s most winning and prestigious rum. El Dorado 15 is a blend of exquisite rum, of various distillates. In this rum, there is predominantly pot still rum, of which there is at least 15 years old.


    To achieve the round taste, golden color, and nutty bouquet, the rum is aged in relatively small oak barrels (45 gallons). It’s nothing like the 12 at all, so if you like the 12 and think the 15 must be better, well, be careful. You cannot compare these two rums! This one is clearly more challenging and kene oily.


    That said, it’s also one of my favorite rooms. A beautiful, beautiful rum that always manages to surprise


    Final Thoughts about El Dorado Guyana 15y


    Perhaps it’s the slightly smoky quality or the fact that it is less sweet than the 12 years, however see a lot of similarities between the El Dorado 15 and some very nice cognacs, such as those put out by Pierre Ferrand, and perhaps to The Remy Martin XO.


    There are a lot of raisins and deep orchard fruits along with the marriage with the characteristics of the cask. You can buy this El Dorado Guyana 15y from stogies and more

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