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El Dorado Guyana 8y

El Dorado Guyana 8y

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    El Dorado Guyana 8y


    Demerara County (in Guyana) is popular across the world for El Dorado Guyana 8y rich, three-hundred-year history of rum production. Using a combination of old wooden stills in conjunction with modern stills and distilling techniques, Demerara Distillers Ltd. (DDL) has built a reputation for outstanding quality and consistent production. In fact, Demerara Distillers is currently the largest supplier of bulk Caribbean rums to Europe and North America.


    The El Dorado 8-Year-Old Special Reserve Rum is blended from aged stocks (the youngest being no less than 12 years old) from the original Wooden Enmore Coffey still, the original metal Diamond Coffey still, as well as from the ancient Port Mourant double wooden pot still which was used to produce ‘navy’ rum for the English Admiralty. All of the Demerara Rum produced by El Dorado is aged exclusively in American oak (bourbon barrels).


    El Dorado Guyana 8y OldIn The Bottle


    The presentation for the 8 yr, 12 yr, 15 yr, and the 21 yr old El Dorado Rums includes a squat smokey opaque brown bottle that has a funky old-world charm and which looks great on my rum shelf. the fact that each rum in the series arrives in a smartly colored display box helps to protect the spirit from the deleterious effects of light. Finally, each is closed with a quality cork topper which is the final requirement for a quality presentation.


    El Dorado Guyana 8y In the Glass


    This El Dorado Guyana 8y really is a great rum to nose in the glass. Oak and wood spices provide a nice backdrop for the sweet baking spices (vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves) and rich molasses that rises into the breezes above the glass. There are hints of spicy orange peel, and fresh citrus fruit which appear and disappear within the aroma, and have a hard time finding fault. All of these scents and smells deepen as the glass sits. smell rich tobacco, marzipan, and hints of marmalade which have all evolved as the rum breathes.


    El Dorado Guyana 8y In the mouth


    This El Dorado Guyana 8y rum enters the mouth with a spicy-sweet baking spice explosion. Deep dark brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, and hints of orange peel and citrus fruit lay upon a foundation of oak and wood spices. Rich tobacco accents the flavor and some luscious dark fruit (dates and raisins) finds its way into the flavor profile. The overall flavor is sweet but not overwhelmingly so, and a soft nuttiness lies under the other flavors giving the rum just a hint of bitterness which offsets that sweetness nicely.


    this El Dorado Guyana 8y rum is how seems to like it just a little more every time pour another glass. The flavors remain rich and strong but never cloying.


    This El Dorado Guyana 8y has a long spicy finish which leaves the mouth and throat heated. The spicy oak, and baking spices last and last in the mouth and throat in a marvelous combination.


    El Dorado Guyana 8y Last Thought


    the sweetness of the El Dorado Guyana 8y rum is perfectly balanced with the spicy oakiness and also appreciate that the flavor of the El Dorado 8-Year-Old remains robust and complex yet very approachable.


    From the former British Guiana comes this rum, which used to be part of naval rum. Demerara was one of the original colonies assembled into the colony “British Guyana,” which today is called “Guyana.” The Demerara colony was located in the area around the Demerara River, and the capital was Georgetown.


    Demerara is today one of the three districts of Guyana. The other two are Berbice and Essequibo. Demerara is also the common name for a particular type of raw cane sugar that is often used for baking and in coffee. It usually has a brown color, which is the natural color of sugarcane. It has been given its name because of the type cane, derived initially from the Demerara colony


    El Dorado Guyana 8y is a medium-bodied premium rum that has been recently added to the El Dorado portfolio. Distilled from fermented molasses, it is an excellent option between the heavier 12-year and lighter 5-year counterparts


    Enjoy it with a great Cuban or New World Cigar!







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