Matusalem GR 15 Solera
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Matusalem GR 15 Solera

Matusalem GR 15 Solera

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    Matusalem GR 15 Solera

    Matusalem & Company was founded in Cuba in 1872 by two brothers from Spain. Their expertise in brandy-making translated well into rum production, and the company enjoyed success until the 1959 Cuban Revolution forced them into exile.


    A struggle for control among the founders’ heirs kept the brand out of the market for decades, but a 1995 settlement allowed Matusalem to re-enter the market with a Dominican-made product in 2002. I’ve only had the Platino so far, so I’m looking forward to trying the 15-year-old; let’s get to it!


    The dark brown bottle is fairly short with an antiqued label bearing a watermarked map, over which the metallic red Matusalem logo is emblazoned. The word “CUBA” is prominently featured on the label despite the fact that this is a Dominican product. The bottle is sealed by a natural cork stopper attached to a plastic top that appears wooden. On the very top of the stopper is a raised representation of the Matusalem swallow carrying a ribbon.


    Matusalem rum is produced in the Dominican Republic because the poor buggers that make it had to flee Cuba when Fidel came along. It was once one of Cuba’s most popular brands. So when they moved to the Dominican Republic did they change how they made the rum? I doubt it. Did the climate change the rum? Maybe a little bit, perhaps


    Known as “The cognac of rums,” this Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 years of solera rum is the perfect choice for those seeking outstanding quality and exquisite taste. It is complex but with a velvety softness and a distinctive bouquet and taste. Gran Reserva 15 is a super premium rum, ideal for drinking clean or “on the rocks.” Color: amber with reddish copper and ochre tones. Nose: Complex, refined and complete.


    Persistent, dry, woody notes that give a rich, intense aroma. The rich aroma of roasted, dried fruits and caramel. Taste: Delightful with a soft texture and a complex, continuous development with notes of oak. It is an inviting sense of cocoa. Cognac-like aftertaste. Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 years is a super premium rum that is ideal for drinking clean or “on the rocks.”


    Matusalem GR 15 Solera In the glass


    the color is golden to copper. A swirl produces several legs around the top that move at a medium pace. the initial aromas are of orange and vanilla supported by an oaken base.

    Matusalem GR 15 Solera Nose


    Matusalem GR 15 Solera Liquo toffee, chocolate, and bags of dried figs, prunes, and raisins. Hints of walnut liqueur and hazelnut cream. Coffee. Different kinds of precious woods, sandalwood to name just one. A distant echo of lemon peel too. Actually not too sweet and the complexity is really high.

    Matusalem GR 15 Solera Mouth


    it’s Dulce alright, but actually, the balance between sweetness, acidity, and herbal savouriness hits a sweet spot. Deep oaky notes again, leathery notes, and dark chocolate. A certain heat as well, probably because of the many herbs and spices (cloves, soft pepper). Roasted nuts. Espresso. Some tangy lemon in the background.


    last thought about Matusalem GR 15 Solera


    Be that as it may, a whiskey connoisseur, or someone with a different palate from mine, will love this rum. As a mixer, it’s great — but why to pay more for this when so many able, younger, cheaper mixers exist.


    The test of a good aged rum is whether it can stand on its own without adornment or enhancement. On that level, much as what comes out of this baby when coke is added to it, it doesn’t measure up to its hype or pedigree when taken neat. You can buy this
    Matusalem GR 15 Solera from stogies and more


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