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Pampero Aniversario

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    Pampero Aniversario


    Pampero Aniversario Extra Añejo Reserva Exclusiva is a rum from Venezuela that has been aged in oak barrels for up to 6 years. This rum is the premium edition from Pampero, and it was first launched in 1963. The 25th anniversary of the Pampero House. The taste has notes of cocoa and vanilla, and the bottle is charmingly bound in a leather bag. Pampero Aniversario Extra Añejo Reserva Exclusiva is absolutely suitable for clean consumption and can also be used for cocktails


    The rum was first produced in 1963 to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary. The company in question is Industrias Pampero C.A. The bottle I am reviewing today found itself in the UK via DOI S.P.A who bottle the rum in Italy. the Pampero group is now owned by Diageo.


    As the picture shows the rum is finished off with a very nice plastic topped real cork stopper which gives a very satisfying pop when the rum is opened. Despite the deceptive size of the bottle it does contain 70cl of rum and is 40% ABV.


    To be fair the bottle and the leather pouch you may not have noticed them. The original bottle came housed in a pouch that has the Pampero information pressed into the bag. The present-day bottle has the information printed upon the bag. the original bag to be slightly classier.


    Also, the label has changed a little and it too looks slightly cheaper. These cosmetic changes are not really much of an issue but they are there. the contents haven’t also been downgraded! the bolting horse has been upgraded and made into a golden horse on the new presentation.

    Pampero Aniversario nose and Flavour


    Chocolate brown in color, the rum exudes nuttiness and dark, bittersweet chocolate on the nose. Fresh sugar coats the tongue as you taste, and Pampero takes you on a trip into desserts galore on the body — chocolate mousse, creme brulee, caramel pudding. The finish keeps going and going.


    Wood is there, but it’s sedate and stays in the background. The rum may look impossibly dark, but it actually spends only 4 to 6 years in old bourbon barrels. Really quite seductive and delicious, and more than fair for the quality you get.


    The nose is similar (but more intense) to the Pamero Anejo. The Pampero rums have quite a unique nose. Dominican rums have a certain “twang” to them. the Pamperos also has a unique aroma. In some ways, it is quite light and buttery – similar to aged Cuban rums but at the same time, there is a richness to the nose as well.


    It isn’t fruity but it is rich. There is a sweet note almost like dark chocolate. It’s a pleasant nose that suggests good aging and there is a light oak to the nose which is well balanced. It is all coming together very nicely.


    Last thought about Pampero Aniversario

    The rum has a beautiful rich, dark color. On the nose, immediately pick up a subtle spice with vanilla and molasses lingering in the background. All these notes are amplified on my palate, each competing to be first in line, but none taking the overall lead.


    The rum is buttery one minute, then dry and spicy the next. As a nostalgia trip, going to mix the rum with ice and cola and maybe a squeeze of lime. Yes, it’s very nice. it is better on its own!


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