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Pampero Seleccion

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    Pampero Seleccion

    Pampero Seleccion In 1938, a distillery in Venezuela was established called Industrias Pampero, C.A.. This distillery is said to be the first distillery in Venezuela to set the high standards for which Venezuelan Rum is now famous. Their flagship rum, Pampero Seleccion 1938 is a rum that unfortunately is unavailable any longer because Diageo, the spirits conglomerate which currently owns the rights to the Pampero brand outside of Venezuela, has chosen not to market this rum in the locale. The way it was explained to me is that boutique brands such as Pampero, regardless of how well-regarded they may be, just don’t sell well enough in the market to warrant the effort.


    Pampero Seleccion Scent


    Vanilla, caramel, and oak barrel.


    Pampero Seleccion Taste


    Classic rum flavor, caramel, and the bitter aftertaste of old wood.


    Pampero SeleccionIn the Bottle


    We have a typical flagon-style bottle with a metal twist cap topper. Although liked the labeling, somewhat disappointed in the presentation. The twist cap is sure to evaporate rum over time especially as the metal will expand and contract at a different rate from the glass. also was intrigued by the story on the back label but the type was of a style and font that made it very difficult for me to read.


    Pampero Seleccion In the Glass


    The rum looks dark and rich with red streaks. The glass smells of nutmeg and roasted hazelnut. A very faint cigar and leather aroma lies under dark caramel molasses and is very inviting. There is a very small medicinal quality to the nose indicating a younger spirit than I was expecting.


    Pampero Seleccion Flavour


    A certain rough bitter quality sits amongst the various flavors in the mouth. The feel on the tongue is slightly oily. taste roasted nuts and dark almost burnt caramel. would have to guess that the bulk of the rum in this blend is quite young, as tastes very little oak in the flavor profile.


    The spiciness is pungent like allspice and nutmeg, with a little vanilla but very little sweetness. have the impression of an attempt to create a brash spirit, but there is a definite lack of balance. The overall spirit lacks enough sweetness to soothe the bitterness.


    The finish is long but the bitter quality noted in the taste is the predominant feeling in the throat. would call this leathery and bittersweet. A buttery feel in the throat contradicts the leathery taste.


    This rum has its moments when you really enjoy it. its youthfulness. It is a stellar mixer with cola and with lime suggesting to me that for cocktails requiring a dark rum this would be an ideal choice. But as a sipper found myself almost always wanting just a little more depth of flavor and a hint of something sweeter in my mouth.


    Pampero Seleccion Rating


    Pampero Seleccion is originally from Venezuela in South America and is available in many different variants. This edition is a quality intermediate of what the brand “Pampero” has to offer. It’s not very sweet and has a touch of booze.


    It even has a bitter aftertaste of decomposed wood that lingers in its mouth several minutes after intake. It’s not a rum that should be consumed clean. It may be a Pepsi cola, but it still has a hard time getting rid of the unpleasant taste.


    Enjoy it with a great Cuban or New World Cigar! you can buy this Pampero Seleccion from stogies and more

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