Richland Rum Batch 93
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Richland Rum Batch 93

Richland Rum Batch 93

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    Richland Rum Batch 93


    How is Richland Rum Batch 93 produced?

    Richland Rum Batch 93 is a ‘Single Estate Rum’, which means that the distillery itself is responsible for all production processes from the cultivation of the cane to the bottling of the finished rum. Thus, the distillery has full control over the entire process, so they can ensure that each batch meets their high standards. The rum is distilled into a traditional copper pot still, giving the rum lovely heavy and powerful flavor profiles. Then the rum is stored in new American oak barrels until the rum reaches its greatest potential. The rum is “Single Cask” rum, which means that it is bottled directly from dish to bottle, without any kind of mixture, and therefore each batch is unique despite common approach.


    For this reason, Richland Rum has made it possible to ‘trace’ their rum, and it is highly recommended to enter the bottle number indicated on the bottleneck here, as a large number of exciting information will be provided on the specific bottle. After aging, adjust the alcohol content and drain the rum without further interference.


    What does Richland Rum Batch 93 taste like?

    You experience scents of heavy fad notes that are balanced nicely with caramelized fruits and caramel. The taste has an amazing acidity and sweetness that gives the taste profile a nice harmony. Despite a short cask storage, the rum is extremely complex and can easily ‘bite spoons’ with other much older rums.


    How should Richland Rum Batch 93 be enjoyed?

    This specific rum is recommended to be enjoyed ‘neat’, but also fits incredibly well in various rum-based cocktails.


    Enjoy it with a great Cuban or New World Cigar!

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